A Welcome back

ca_bible_hug-1313This Sunday Anna and I finally went to church after about a month of not going, we usually go every week and really never miss a Sunday. But this time we had to work on Sunday mornings and we couldn’t attend. It felt so good to go to church today and listen to our pastor, Pastor Bob Coy as he preached the Word. I personally felt distant from god, and its amazing how getting back to Church a Church where I really feel like home, gets me back on track. Its so easy to lose sight of what is really important, and i often lose sight, (don’t we all at some point)  but getting back on track is so rewarding. So are you feeling distant from god ? Always know god doesn’t walk away from us we walk away from him, so if your feeling distant get into the Word again and feel god speak to your heart.

A Welcome back

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