Wow it feels like its a daily challenge in my life for a while now, at times i feel overwhelmed. There’s just one thing that keeps me going and that’s God, he leads me though all my hard times. I turn to him first always to guide me and direct me where and what to do, without him i would be lost. A lot of times things seem great on the exterior but then the truth of things aren’t as nice, and i am faced with things that challenge me in a way that it has teared me down and i have given up, given up on doing it on my self and relying everything on god!

I want to thank @lanegeorge (  he told me what i needed to hear “challenges mean growth man! be happy on that!”  and now i know i am blessed with these challenges in my life, because i know god is molding me to become the person he wants me to be, Thank you god!


2 thoughts on “Challenged

  1. I am serious though because if you are not being challenged, how are you going to grow? It is in times of great pain, sorrow, sadness, and anger that I have been challenged the most and because of these challenges, I have GROWN in the LORD!

    Keep it up! You are a blessing to know!

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