To Trust in


This week I have learned something I keep having to learn. Its been a tough week, there’s a certain feeling when some one we love is hurting physically and we can’t do nothing about it, it really hurts us knowing its out of our hands. Well at least its hard for me to see someone I love dearly go though something that is reallyphysically hurting them and I can’t do anything about it. I like to control certain things in my life, I like to always drive, I’m usually a back seat driver if I don’t drive I get nervous, I like to be happy and have everyone around me happy, even if I have to go out of my way to make them happy. I’m usually a leader in most things I do, I like things a certain way. Well time and time again I have  learned its not my way but Gods way. Its hard to let go and let God control ever aspect of my life, but it always feels comforting to know he is only going to do the best for me because he loves me and all of us so much. Thank you God for taking over, my shoulders are tired, thank you for lifting the weight off.

To Trust in

3 thoughts on “To Trust in

  1. I know how that is. I think just because we are guys, we are naively thirsting to be in charge. But with God, we have to sacrifice that feeling and have to place are complete and utter trust within His power. To be honest, I am dealing with the same situation. I will be completing school in December and am anxiously awaiting God’s plan for where He has job placement for me. It is very humbling, but I have the faith and I know that he will come through and release His perfect plan to me. Good post brother!


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