Plan a Getaway

beach_vacation-dsc04539Im away at Marco Island Florida for four days and its been truly amazing! God has really granted me so much joy and relaxation it’s really amazing I am enjoying every minute.  The beautiful scenes and views truly Gods Beauty. Mainly it has lifted a lot of stress and worries off my shoulders, I been staying away from all Internet activities except writing this post.  I’m writing this because I really want to share how important it is to take time off from our regular lives. At least once a year I try to get away and disconnect, it’s amazing how when I get back I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated. So my suggestion to everyone is take time off, take a vacation, getaway, something to disconnect from our normal lives and reconnect with God.  I know times are tough and it’s hard but any little thing helps.

Plan a Getaway

One thought on “Plan a Getaway

  1. I can totally agree with that, sir. I love getting away from the hustle-and-bustle and relaxing. Something we all need. Thanks for the reminder!


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